Loop Quiet vs Experience

There are a few differences between the Quiet (-25dB) and the Experience (-20dB).

The main difference is that the construction is different.

For the Experience

Sound waves enter Experience via a small opening.
They then travel through the hollow channel on the inside of Loop.
This acoustic resonator has the same length as your ear canal and has a quarter wavelength resonance at 2700 Hz.
By mimicking your ears function, sound remains natural.

At the end of this sound tube we placed an acoustic filter which lowers all frequencies equally.

As per the above advanced features,  you experience sound similarly to without the earplugs, just at a lower volume! 

For the Quiet

The Quiet is molded in a single piece, but still utilizing the different ear-tips to ensure a perfect fit to your ear! It is also constructed from a soft silicone compound which makes it softer and easier to use when sleeping on the side or in long durations. 


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